[Adventure] Exploring Cavanaugh’s Hall

Dyson's Dodecahedron

I originally posted Cavanaugh’s Hall to the blog in the beginning of April. Now let’s join together to explore it!

Cavanaugh’s Hall is a short site-based encounter for Labyrinth Lord characters of levels 7-8.


Characters can each hear one rumour while nearby (in a nearby town at the inn, talking to wandering gypsy, stealing people’s mail, etc). This typically requires a positive reaction roll or some amount of larceny. Roll 1d12 on the rumour table.

  1. [F] A mysterious elven sorceress has claimed Cavanaugh’s Hall as her domain, and her oracular visions extend into other worlds. She has the knowledge you seek…
  2. [T] The sorceress at Cavanaugh’s Hall is held prisoner by a mighty and secretive creature.
  3. [T] Massive hunting beasts live around the hill where Cavanaugh’s Hall once stood and attempt to bring down just about anything that travels the area.
  4. [F] An evil warlord has taken over Cavanaugh’s…

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