Tomb of Annihilation #42: Fane of the Night Serpent

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

In a missing chapter, the party baited the last Red Wizards group, defeated them, and took their cubes to gain access to the Tomb of the Nine Gods. One cube remains with the yuan-ti that imprisoned them earlier…  (-GM) 

27th of Kythorn (“The Time of Flowers”), 1493 DR (Dalereckoning)

fenthaza “We first come across a room with a snake lady sitting there. She was kind of a jerk.”

Our adventure continues as we plan to enter the snake people’s hideout. Our first plan is to kill the guards and break the door down. Then we will come back, murder everyone inside, and steal back those pesky cubes.

Step one works flawlessly-ish… We break the doors, but haven’t completely destroyed them, so we retreat, take a long rest and come back for step 2 of the plan.

Step 2 works out well. We come in, kill all the snakes. The battle is…

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