[Labyrinth Lord] Challenge of the Frog Idol

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Challenge of the Frog Idol

Ever think that perhaps you need professional help? I do. I’m a few months behind on Dyson’s Dodecahedron, and instead of working on it, I put together a “small” entry for the Fat Frog Challenge posted by JB on B/X Blackrazor. Titled “Challenge of the Frog Idol”, it is a 21-page digest-format PDF which is bit of a hex crawl with some railroad options built in (it comes equipped with a quest, but feel free to ignore it).

Challenge of the Frog Idol is an adventure aimed towards clever Labyrinth Lord characters of levels 3-6. The encounters may be a bit rough (didn’t get much playtest time in on this, being that it was a throw-together for a challenge), and the treasures are fairly skimpy. And there’s a lot of room to add more to the setting and the encounters (the hexmap of the environs contains a few noted but…

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