Passive Perception and Insight in AD&D … Sort Of #ADnD #DnD #RPG 

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I love4th Edition D&D(“4e”). I know that’s unpopular, but hear me out, because the one aspect of it I’m going to talk about in this post was kept for5th Edition D&D(“5e”), so those of you that love 5e owe something to4e.

3rd Edition

When3rd Edition D&D(“3e”)brought us skill checks (Note: I never played2nd Edition D&D), players were rolling Listen or Spot checks, and then the DM would say, “Nope, you don’t hear/see anything.” In many instances, thisledto some annoying metagaming, as character ignorance didn’t carry the downside it was supposed to carry. Some3eDMs had players roll a set of d20s before the game, then use them in the order rolled, but they annoyed me. Why would DMs demand I not roll my attacks…

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