Fly Free or Die #13: Clean Slate

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

Selling a chunk of starmetal turns out not to be that simple… Old friends, old enemies, brainwashing, and a secret plan in today’s chapter, which is told by the party mechanic Gouda. –GM

6th of Lamashan, 321 AG (After Gap)


Today in our campaign, the main goal was to sell a large amount of not-quite-legal starmetals obtained from last’s sessions efforts to kill a space beast.

When we arrived on world, we noticed that when shopkeepers saw our fairly diverse party, they hid some of their wares. Some child eventually came up to us and claimed that they could show us around. After revealing that we were here to sell metal, the child offered to give us information, with a catch: money.

Upon handing over a few credits, we were told that Vesk had been coming and closing up shops. It seemed the shopkeepers had assumed that we would…

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