Ilyanas Tomb of Doom


Ilyana emanated from the ghostly blue outlines of the sacred pentangle in the forest glade, bloomed into life-like color, and slowly walked to me at the southern edge of the circle. When she pulled her hood down, I bowed my head to my master and creator, Ilyana Volgot.

“Open your cloak to me so that I know you offer your body, child.” She said.

Without hesitation, without flirting with self-assured destruction, I bore my bosom to her, losing my breath when she thumbed my black nipples, which stuck out of my pale bosom. “My mistress,” I crooned.

“Well you know it,” she said, satisfaction in her syllables. “And all this time you fled your goddess, you knew not her true affections for you. Never flee from me again, girl. I am for you, and you are for me.”

At that, she cocked her chin and pressed in for the…

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