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Like many (all?) of you that played it, 1st Edition AD&D (“1e”) taught me words I never knew. I started playing at age 9 in 1977, which was long before I studied Latin. 1e, not Fr. Wood, taught me id est, exempli gratia, and quod vide. In fact, during my 23 years away from the game, I still went out of my way to use q.v. in my writing, and continue to do so today. For whatever reason, that one stuck with me.

Another word I learned was “thrice” from the androsphinx, who could roar thrice per day. In 8th grade, I taught my mythology teacher the word, “pantheon,” which I had learned from the 1e Deities & Demigods three or four years earlier.

Mr. Joyce: You mean the Parthenon in Greece?

Me: No, Mr. Joyce…

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