D&D’s “Forrest Gump” Dilemma

The Nerdd

In Dungeons & Dragons, we are creating a story, a story about heroes, villains, victims, and treasure. In the center of that story, is the Party, consisting of Player Characters, who are run by the folks around the table. Your Party goes from town to town, getting into adventures, meeting interesting people, and (hopefully) making a meaningful impact on the world.

The Dilemma

Everyone has notable moments in their backstory that pushed them to become adventurers in the first place. Perhaps your backstory includes other famous adventurers, like Drizzt Do’Urden. These backstories might include reasons behind your ability scores, like low intelligence and charisma, but high strength, with a proficiency in athletics. Maybe your party is involved in the war, or you have the Soldier background, and you were in the center of important historical events. You meet and work with different organizations, perhaps fighting against nationwide oppression. You stop…

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