Nintendo Second Quarter Results Reveal Switch Users by Age Groups and More

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On November 5th, 2021 Nintendo had both their second quarter financial results as well as their briefing for March 2022 fiscal year. A plethora of information was unveiled to its shareholders. Some pieces of information such as the age distribution chart from ages 1-60 was shown in a bar graph, indicating that age 21 is the highest percentage while 50 and up declines gradually. To put it in perspective, the Nintendo Switch is almost 5 years old and the current 21 year old’s were 16-17 when the Switch came out.

Other noteworthy items that were discussed were:

  • Financial earnings
  • Financial forecast
  • 90 million switches sold as of October 2021
  • Evergreen titles and robust lineup
  • Future titles
  • 3rd Party Games and sales
  • IP expansion and initiatives
  • Theme parks
  • Mobile initiatives
  • Movies
  • Rewards

Nintendo also pointed towards the future, projecting that their next console will arrive in “20XX.”

A lot of information…

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