Maidae LR U51

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Epic and ED feats were changed with U51 and everyone that was 20 + would need to do a reincarnation to be able to change feats with Fred. The toons I’m planning to ER I’ll leave as they are for now, but since I’m not planning to reincarnate Maidae any time soon, I decided to do a lesser reincarnation. Sadly, as I was leveling I noticed that I had much less skill points to spend than my build plan said – and assumed this had to do with the changes in U50. At level 14 when I couldn’t take improved precise shot at 15, I realised that non of my used ability tomes were counted. Guildie said to relog and they popped up – but I am sure I must have lost what wasn’t spent at earlier levels. I still wasn’t able to take IPS at 15, though, but had…

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