Ilyana Defined

Ilyanas Tomb of Doom

How is Ilyana, the baddie in my fiction, different from protagonist Isabel?

Good question.

The answer has come to me slowly through writing about her. At first she was a straight-out clone of Isabel, and with a few exceptions of alignment (Chaotic vs. Chaotic Neutral)–and that’s a shave of a difference–, Ilyana has a passion to rule the spheres, while Isabel is fine with chilling with her brood, dividing the loot, celebrating rock-like gems (you might call her a materialist of the lowest level, while Ilyana is the queen materialist of prime materia).

Isabel is fond of learning a few spells. She’s been a wizard, hell, almost a lich, but her true form is that of an arcane swashbuckler, having hot sex and drinking blood when the action allows. Isabel is sexual, while Ilyana exudes sex: She has no interest in the action itself. She’s like a dark flower who…

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