Boss Rush Banter: Has Regular Inclusion of DLC Changed Player Expectations in Gaming?

The Boss Rush Network

You’ve beaten the final boss, accomplished all of the sidequests, and maybe you’re working on your second playthrough of one of your favorite games. Then, out of nowhere, news drops from the developers that their game is getting additional features in the form of DLC, or Downloadable Content. Now, there’s even more for you to do. DLC is always fun to have, but it does beg the question: has it’s existence changed our expectations for gaming?

The idea of DLC dates back all the way to the Dreamcast, but in today’s gaming world, DLC is such a large part of so many key franchises. Series like The Legend of Zelda or Pokémon got Expansion Packs on their Switch installments, leading many to suspect that most first-party games will include some form of DLC following the game’s launch.

Most people love the idea of having even more to do in a…

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