MMO players can’t afford to be graphics snobs

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When you accept the MMORPG lifestyle, in part you are accepting several limitations that set these games apart from single-player or co-op titles. The massively multiplayer structure of the servers means that your game isn’t going to look nearly as good as high-end eye candy that you could find in mainstream titles. And the older the MMO is, the more dated it’s going to appear.

This is hard for some people to embrace. Let’s be real about that. We judge a whole lot of things in our life based on visual attractiveness, and those things that fall short in that category have to work harder for our affections. And since video games offer two primary functions of sense — sight and sound — a great amount of emphasis is placed on making a game look as good as possible so that we accept it instantly.

Again, that’s not MMORPGs. There…

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