Game Report: Dragon’s Bend Session 9

Grumpy Wizard

The Party: Ozric the wizard, Cullen the Ranger, Atticus Priest of Hazud, Dufin the warrior

The party decides to visit Arpad the Glurm (a type of frog-folk) to see if they can buy some healing materials.

  • The party hires some fisherfolk to take them over the river Deena so they can walk the half day to Arpad’s hut.
  • They arrive at the healer’s hut, there are a number of wind chimes making pleasant music in the breeze but no Arpad.
  • Cullen goes off into the forest to find honey and succeeds. He comes back bearing his bounty in a sack.
  • After a few hours, Arpad returns with some fish. He cooks the fish for the group and they sit talking around the fire.
  • Ozric asks if Arpad can tune Cullens sword. Arpad says his cantomancy (magic made with singing) is not the same kind of magic as used on red…

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