DDO Tuesday and Warcraft Wednesdays coming to retrogamer blog

When you are going up against bugbears, kobolds and hobgoblins in DDO, best along to bring a healing hire if you are soloing the wilderness area.

It is not often that you get a second chance at anything in life. However, earlier this month I found out that Wow Classic is dropping fresh server and realms on November 16 and I all I could do is smile and think to myself, “I’m in.”

The year was 2019 and it does not seem that long ago that I had dedicated myself to going back in time (gaming time that is) along with seemingly hundreds (thousands?) of nostalgic Wow players and rolled up a character for the upcoming Classic server launch.

Well fast forward to the end of 2021 and I regrettably didn’t get very far in my previous endeavor to casually level a toon in the new classic server. With work…

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