Sword #48 – Lash

Dyson's Dodecahedron

I drew 30 swords for Swordtember, and a further 17 swords in Choptober before work got in the way and stopped my run prematurely. So I’m back because I want there to be at least 50 swords when I’m done the set. Maybe more. So consider this an extension of my Swordtember / Choptober series, minus the monthly tags.

Lash is adorned with a dark metal “cable” or “tentacle” entwined around the blade. It is a sword +1 that draws the animating magic from golems, constructs, living statues, and other magically animated objects. It deals +1d8 damage against these targets and heals the wielder half of that bonus damage (rounded down). But part of this healing is replacing, and in time the wielder is made more and more of animated metal…

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