Kamrorth’s Cairn

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Kamrorth's Cairn
Kamrorth’s Cairn (300 dpi promo – no commercial license)

This level of the dungeon is where the hero Kamrorth was slain by the Vampire Prince Sebastian Enoch – his soul consumed by the undead prince’s bastard sword Heartstriker. A cairn of stones and fallen masonry from the dungeon was built up over Kamrorth’s body in the large central hall a cairn where he fell fighting lord Enoch. But this was decades ago – Lord Enoch now resides in his castle at White Crag, and Kamrorth’s company has long disbanded. And in the dungeon things are ever in flux as the power of various factions ebb and flow.

Kamrorth's Cairn
Kamrorth’s Cairn (1200 dpi)

This area is now mostly a no man’s land between factions on the levels above and below this one. It has become the domain of three of Prince Enoch’s spawn who hate each other and won’t leave because they…

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