Hell’s Rebels #45: The Dance of the Damned

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

With Barzillai Thrune’s Ruby Masquerade Ball approaching, members of the party infiltrated the Sarini Estate and secured tickets for themselves, as well as valuable loot — in a missing chapter. The Ball now begins. While some party members infiltrate the basement of the former opera house, the party oracle, Malcolm, describes what happens in the ball itself. –GM

25th of Arodus, 4715 AR

Malcolm’s dance partner, “Sinful Sally”

The evening started out amazingly, I, Malcolm, and my companion, Taka, entered the Ball separately, as to not be connected.  Our two allies, Narkwood and Herald of The Forgotten Forge, entered into the basement via a secret entrance in the lake.  I will be focusing on the main festivities above the basement. 

As I arrived in my extravagant dress guised as my musical persona, Malkalaham, I immediately moved to the dance floor.  Through my mastery of performance…

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