Vault of the Lost Queens

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Vault of the Lost Queens
Vault of the Lost Queens (300 dpi promo)

When a new ruler steps forward to take the throne of the Principality of Kazhkul they must request the blessing of the 11 Queens of Lost Zorisz. For most this involves entering the Vault of the Lost Queens (which dates back to the great Empire of Zorisz) to seek out one or more of these ancient entities and return with a token of their favour. This usually happens in the large 3/4 circular chamber that is the heart of the vault… but sometimes no queen arrives for the meeting, or none of the queens who do arrive are impressed enough to grant their blessing. Then seekers either return pretending they were blessed – or those more concerned with the rituals of power seek out the other undead queens within the complex to acquire their blessing one way or another.

Vault of the Lost Queens
Vault of the…

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