Fists of the Ruby Phoenix #13: Mount Haminabu

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

In missing chapters of our story, the party earned their tenth feather and settled to sleep, but their base was attacked by squadrons of teleporting terra-cotta soldiers. On the morning of the last day, the Ruby Phoenix announces that teams with ten feathers can now meet her at the summit of Mount Haminabu, where her palace awaits. –GM

11th of Erastus, 4721 AR

Lead enforcer, Koto Zekuro

With the dawn of the third day of the preliminary period of the tournament, Pegleg Pete and his Pirate Posse had nothing left to do besides turn in their10 phoenix feathers and claim their rightful place as finalists advancing to the next round.

They passed several weaker teams full of sore losers who still hadn’t come close to qualifying on their journey to the top of the highest peak, Mount Haminabu where the other qualifiers would officialize their placement.

Near the top, however, the…

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