D&D: The SADdening


D&D players use the terms SAD and MAD to categorize character archetypes based on how many good Ability Scores they need to be relevant. SAD is an acronym that stands for Single Ability-Score Dependent; MAD stands for Multiple Ability-Score Dependent.

For example, a MAD character like a Monk will require Dexterity for attack and defense, Constitution for health, Wisdom to set the DC of its features, and perhaps even Strength to make grapples or perform Athletic skills. Whereas a SAD character like a Druid can invest purely in Wisdom and rely on Wild Shape to round out their physical ability scores in necessary conditions.

Drawing these lines is a subjective matter of opinion. No character is truly SAD. Constitution is great for every character because more Hit Points (HP) is good. But, no character is built exclusively around Constitution. Arguably, casters care even more about it than martials because they…

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