How to Run a Fantasy Siege

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Looking out over the army of monsters, our heroes have but one thought: “This isn’t in the rule book!”

Goblin Attack squarePicture this, except times 1000!

The once verdant fields surrounding the lonely keep are now nothing more than a muddy pit, befouled by the boots of a thousand monstrosities. Inside the keep, a hundred doomed souls huddle behind whatever cover they can find, merely delaying the inevitable. Suddenly, the sun is blotted out by an unending stream of black-feathered arrows. A dozen victims fall in the first volley alone. Then there is a lone trumpet, followed by the thunderous roar of a thousand footfalls, running to their glory, to their demise, or to both. Soon, the very air is a cacophony of deafening sounds – drums, horns, clanging metal, but mostly the cries; the cries of anger, of pain, of death.

War. Where better to test your skills in combat than…

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