Uncertain of what games to buy? A word of advice


In this black Friday days you will see a lot of games in discount and if you’re like me, you will want to buy them all like pokemons. But considering you can’t or you shouldn’t I will give you some tips I use myself to know what to buy:

  • Prioritize: I have around 60 games I like to buy. I have different reasons. One of those is the fact I move from Playstation to Xbox ecosystem, so I want to replay some games just because I want to revive the story of they have FPS Boost or is improved to next-gen. So, for those reasons I must decide what I should buy. So prioritize, use any criteria important for you, for example, thing if you die tomorrow what games will you have like to play (sorry for the drama). Let’s continue with more straightforward tips

  • Buy first games you haven’t…

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