Crypts of Yllas

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Crypts of Yllas
Crypts of Yllas (300 dpi promotional)

Yllas the Huntress was ever within the orbit of Duke van Pelt – many (including Yllas) believed that one day they would be wed and she would lead the Brown Rangers from the van Pelt estates. But of course there are no van Pelt estates today as Duke van Pelt’s demonology summoned forth a great evil that the rangers were forced to slay – losing most of their numbers (including Yllas) in the process.

Crypts of Yllas
Crypts of Yllas (1200 dpi)

Yllas’ brother had these crypts built / repurposed under the burned out shell of the van Pelt estate and then everyone from the region left because Duke van Pelt’s summoned monstrosity might be slain, but in the process it poisoned the land for miles around and everything grew twisted and wrong. Over the years this effect has lessened and a few hundred years later people…

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