Boss Rush Banter: Which Game Has the Most Satisfying Combat System?

The Boss Rush Network

You’re past the tutorials. You’ve made it through the first boss fight. You’re starting to really develop an understanding of how to best go about grinding against small rodents, crushing slime monsters, and strategizing for the next big monster you need to defeat. But are you having fun?

Combat is an integral part of any video game, and it needs to be a fun aspect of any game it’s featured in. But combat is more than just stabbing, shooting, and spellcasting. If combat is too repetitive, players can get bored. If combat is too complicated, it can turn off new or inexperienced players.

A good combat system in a game needs to be challenging yet fun, with plenty of room for developing your own personal playstyle. If spamming the X button will get you through the whole game easily, is there a point to trying anything else?

When it comes…

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