A Message to 5E DMs: You Only Have One Ass.

Grumpy Wizard

Earlier this week, there was a stupid argument happening on Twitter.

Yes. I know. Inconsequential arguments between people who couldn’t find an open pit trap with a torch bearer and a ten foot pole is what Twitter is for. While there were some reasonable people and some valid points, many of the tweets amounted to insane screeching that would shame a gibbering mouther.

Such is #TTRPG Twitter.

This particular argument came about when a mutual of mine commented on a Reddit post. Here is the relevant Tweet.

This got a lot of engagement.

Did the Dungeon Master Make Bad Call?

My main thought having read the original post was that the game master might have messed up but not on the basic call. Spitting on a violent criminal is something any reasonable person would assume to provoke a violent response. Find a gangster slinging drugs on a street corner in…

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