Boss Rush Banter: What Video Game Are You Most Thankful For?

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Many things in life are more important than video games, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be thankful for all that they provide. I grew up in a household that had an NES, for a short time. My brothers and I would fight uncontrollably in between turns to the point where my parents unhooked the system, and we became a video game free house. My love for gaming did not stop since I was able to play future consoles like PlayStation and Nintendo 64 at friends’ houses. Video games were still taboo in my parents house until 2006, when I brought my newly purchased Wii to their house on Thanksgiving, and one game changed their minds: Wii Sports.

After finishing dinner, the family gathered in the living room to be given a tutorial on the motion based remote looking controller. My brothers and I demonstrated the actions for the various…

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