Limited Run Games’ Quality Control is out of Control

Seafoam Gaming

Well, this sure wasn’t something I wanted to write. You know my stances on articles like these: I really prefer not to make them unless I absolutely need to make something clear, or give feedback, or push for change: that’s what I did with Dispatch Games, who has continued to be in a weird state of limbo ever since their CEO sold a mansion to afford manufacturing games that people bought two years ago.

Today’s subject isn’t like that at all. They didn’t go MIA and vanish into the ether, or intend to scam anyone. Rather, they’re one of the most prolific companies in their niche of the industry, the Limited Print industry that is, one that started in hopes of giving tons of smaller games physical releases that would never ever happen otherwise. Indeed, I was fully on board with the subject as far back as 2016

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