Odrek’s Orchard

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Odrek's Orchard
Odrek’s Orchard (300 dpi promo)

Sages and mystics have many tales of the Sapphire Apples and their miraculous properties. They succor legendary toxins, counter the corrupting touch of chaos, and even return memories stripped away by the river Lethe. Of course, the Imperial Tree was destroyed during the fall of Great Zorisz and only a single Sapphire Apple was saved… but there are tales that one of the caretakers of the Imperial Tree escaped with a small bag of seeds.

Odrek's Orchard
Odrek’s Orchard (1200 dpi)

This caretaker, a gnarled little dwarf by the name of Odrek, escaped to one of the islands near Kalesh-Sonket and found a small sun-dappled plateau where all but two of the seeds were planted and a small number of the trees have sprouted up. It takes roughly 20 years (d20+10) for a sapphire apple to ripen on the tree, and unripe apples are a vile poison…

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