Virtual tabletops – ups and downs #IntPiPoMo


Since 2018 I’ve been using Fantasy Grounds 2 to run tabletop roleplaying games for friends over the Internet, a so-called virtual tabletop. Back then it was a necessary evil to allow us to play at least some roleplaying sessions remotely because it had become so difficult to schedule even semi-regular meet-ups in person.

We’ve used the software for a number of different campaigns using different rule systems. Some rulesets offer more automation than others: you can use the system just to share maps and show locations of tokens, or you can layer on initiative order tracking, full digital character sheets or even combat roll adjudication and the automatic application of damage or status effects.

Fantasy Grounds can measure ranges for targets

I’ve read many different opinions on this: whether the software adds value or conversely takes away from the authentic “round the table” roleplay experience. On the one hand…

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