Game Report: Dragon’s Bend Session 10

Grumpy Wizard

Dufin, Atticus, Ozric their four draug mercenaries, their henchman and laborers set out from the burial mound of the Night King to find Farhat the dogman wizard. Arpad the frogman ascetic told them that he would be able to tune the music of the redstone in Cullen’s sword.

  • Party avoids a hunting ankheg
  • As they camp a group of Aglent’s hunters approach on horseback. Their bows are strung and knocked.
  • Aglent’s hunters want to know if the PCs are sworn to Oktar and what they are doing out here. The PCs say they are sworn to no one and they are on their way to see Farhat the dogman.
  • Aglent’s men relax and say the dogman has been driven from his warren east of Zeleska’s Hypogeum. Monsters that have emerged from the dungeon have driven him out.
  • The party thanks the hunters for the information and they leave.
  • The party…

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