How Do Stories Emerge from Game Play?

Grumpy Wizard

The equation for the story that emerges from a role-playing game looks like this.

Embedded Story + Game Play = Emergeant Story

Embedded Story

Embedded story is the context or backstory of the the setting and its characters.

Embedded story is the all the things that happen before the player characters show up to burn it all down.

Game Play

Game play is what happens when you and your friends play the game.

Game play is the interaction of the rules, rulings, mechanisms, procedures, and choices made by players.

Game play is the stuff that happens after players answer the game master’s question, “What do you do?”

Emergeant Story

The story that emerges from the game play is the story you tell about the game play. This is the narrative of events which come from the interaction of the game’s mileu, the game’s mechanics, and player choice.

Why Choose Emergeant…

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