How good do Licensed Games have to be?


Licensed games have been a thing since the beginning of video games. We’ve seen all kinds of IP (Intellectual Property) get the licensed video game treatment — from the infamous E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial Atari game to the amazing Disney’sAladdin games for SNES and Sega Genesis.

As a kid I bought tons of licensed games, many of which were horrible. I will say that 99% of movie tie-in specific games have ranked anywhere from terrible to unplayable, and there’s one reason why: Anytime a specific movie license was picked up by a game studio it probably went something like this:

Studio CEO: We have acquired this mega IP. Let’s turn it into an awesome game!

Game Developer: Cool, I love that IP.

Studio CEO: Great! Also, you have two months until the movie comes out.
They want the game release to tie-in to the movie.

Licensed Games

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