Boss Rush Banter: Are Gaming Companions as Guides Obsolete?

The Boss Rush Network

Utilizing gaming companions as a guide is a tried and true mechanic that serves to assist players as they navigate through their video game journey. They provide a unique way to present information without theoretically breaking that fourth wall. Over time, gamers have voiced complaints about gaming companions, and some titles scrap that concept entirely. Let’s look at the Legend of Zelda franchise as a case study.

The Legend of Zelda has some of the iconic companions. Major examples include Navi in Ocarina of Time, Ezlo in The Minish Cap, Midna in Twilight Princess, and Fi in Skyward Sword. Each take on their own persona and approach with informing you, the player, on what you need to accomplish. Navi, perhaps the most beloved, can be pinned as annoying with her “Hey, listen!”. Others rant over Fi’s constantly pinging about your Wii remote running out of battery…

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