Fly Free or Die #15: A Personal Favor

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

In a missing chapter, the party confronted vesks from the secret Adamant Talon organization who were trying to experiment with a bioweapon. They rescued the crew of the Wintermourn and fled the prison facility. The government covered up the experiments, and the party took some archaeological relics to bring back to Absalom Station. They were waylaid by hobgoblins. The party solarian, Ember, continues their tale. –GM

11th of Lamashan, 321 AG (After Gap)

“Tarika’s daughter was working for their former boss EJ Corp., terraforming a planet, when she disappeared.”

First the party left for Absalom Station to go shopping for some new armor and to deliver the relics. But in the food court, they were assaulted by three vesk thugs armed with blasters sent by the notorious Hafrigek crime family to kill them. Of course the party made quick work of them.

Shortly after, the party left for…

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