Xbox Reportedly Exploring Handheld Options for Cloud Gaming

When the original Xbox was released, a lot of fans were wondering if Microsoft would ever enter the handheld market. The GameBoy Advance was a huge hit at the time and Sony was preparing to enter the space with the mega popular PSP after all, so many wondered when Xbox would fallow suite. They admitted as much, too, with a lot of research and development going into what many have dubbed the “X-boy” over time.

Snapdragon GX3 G1 Handheld

After twenty years and many technological advancements later, it seems Xbox will in fact be going portable in one way or another. In a recent report from Windows Central, they mention the Qualcomm Snapdragon G3x G1 Handheld Developer Kit, which is a handheld device similar to the Steam Deck or a more powerful Nintendo Switch for Android gamers. This could be a cheaper solution for Microsoft, but the outlet also…

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