Boss Rush Banter: Should Small Developers Like Cold Iron Studios Be Trusted with Major Franchises?

The Boss Rush Network

The Alien franchise has been around since the 1970s and has developed into one of science fiction’s most legendary storytelling universes. Over the years, many game publishers and developers have tried to capture the magic of the franchise, some succeeding where others have failed. (For a brief exploration of the various Alien(s) video games, check out this piece from Boss Rush Network).

One of the most successful entries of the franchise into the video game world has been Alien: Isolation, published by SEGA and developed by Feral Interactive and Creative Assembly. With a combined 900 employees, these developers absolutely nailed the atmosphere of the original horror film, from the antiquated technology to the heart-stopping terror of hiding from the Xenomorph.

SEGA hasn’t always succeeded with capturing the feeling of the original films. Expectations were probably never higher than with Aliens: Colonial Marines, which sadly disappointed fans in an…

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