Discovering Road Runner on NES

Retro Arcadia

Seeing Commodore 64 screenshots on the back of a ZX Spectrum box for a bit more colour than might otherwise be available was nothing new in 1987, but exclusively using arcade screenshots was a whole new level of scum and villainy! “Screen shots from arcade version – home micro versions may differ” is how the back of the Shao-Lin’s Road box put it. Okay, in that case it got a pass because it was also my favourite arcade game, and just having a sniff of it at home was all I needed, but in the case of Road Runner, I didn’t even know it was an arcade game, and, as it turned out, quite rightly didn’t trust what I was seeing on that box!

I don’t think I was massively offended at the time though! As much as I’d loved the outrageously slapstick Looney Tunes cartoons as a kid, I…

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