History of my campaigns

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

For reasons, I am looking at how quickly my various campaigns have leveled up. While doing this I compiled this chronology of neaarly all of my campaigns. I don’t include ones that were short (about 5 sessions or less) which in most cases were intended to be short one-shot adventures.

Note that there’s an “extinction event” at the end of Summer 2014 when I had a lot going on and had to take a break from weekend campaigns

I have gamemastered over 3,600 hours during my weekend campaigns!
16 in Pathfinder 1st edition
3 in D&D 5th edition
3 in Starfinder
6 in Pathfinder 2nd edition

Have fun at comparing yourselves to each other LOL. These stats are current as of today (December 10, 2021):

NOTE: Moving to an online format in March 2020 might have led to some slowdown of play.

Pathfinder 1st Edition:

December 2012 –…

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