Thazara 1.9

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I plan to ER Thazara again around Xmas, and I’ve decided to do a new build plan. I haven’t looked too much at the new EDs yet, but I’ve been thinking about what I want to do with Thazara. She’s been a light spammer and healer for a while, but I’ve come to realise that my light casting is weak and I want to go more into dc casting. This is an attempt at a new build plan, with a bit more focus on dc casting than spell power – I plan to adjust it after I’ve tested it. I also added toughness and epic toughness for more hp. This plan was made with DDO Lite Planner 2021-08-29 , but I changed the level of the ED feats.

Thazara 1.9 Cleric 20 True Neutral Elf Stats 32pt Tome Level Up ---- ---- -------- Strength 8 +8 4: WIS Dexterity 10…

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