Rise of the Runelords #65: Securing the Fort

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

In three(!) missing chapters, the surviving party members escaped, met two new adventurers, the gunslinger Kiplan Boone and the sorcerer Ralramp, and defeated the leading ogres at Fort Rannick. But the last of the Black Arrows (and Shalelu’s father) is no more. They camped and were ambushed by crocodiles. Then they planned to finish exploring the keep… -GM

15th of Kuthona, 4707 AR

After finally managing to repel the overgrown crocodile attack, the party rested in hopes of time (and divine magic) salving their wounds. After a long period of rest and healing, they were ready to set out again. After exploring the nearby area with nothing of note happening, they entered a crypt in the mountain behind the fort, where they had a nasty run-in with a ghost!

But this wasn’t any ordinary ghost; this one had a deadly mind-altering touch! But in the end, the party managed to…

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