What Is “The Game” of Dungeons & Dragons?

Grumpy Wizard

I’ve been reading some of the comments across various social media and internet forums about my essay You Only Have One Ass. The post has been retweeted a number of times (Thanks!) and has garnered some commentary.

I will paraphrase a few of the criticisms of the post I’ve seen in various places.

Focusing entirely on the mechanics of the game is boring.

A good DM can do both story and game and if they don’t it’s not fun.

I addressed these criticisms up to a point with the post on Emergeant Story .

My “horse” metaphor has limits, as do all metaphors. It was intended to be an emotional whip with the intent to spur thought. Today, I will be more precise and less metaphorical. This post is also much longer than I would like it to be.

I’m trying to be a clear as possible. I have…

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