Dyson's Dodecahedron

Shut Your Gobhole
Shut Your Gobhole (1200 dpi with notes)

Recently my co-conspirator and AWESOME artist, James V West, suggested putting together an all-goblin zine. My immediate response was that I would do a series of goblin lair maps entitled “SHUT YER GOBHOLE”. This is the first of these maps. What’s kind of annoying is I completely forgot the element that I was thinking of when I started the map – a series of very low-ceilinged undercaves packed full of stinking goblins that just come boiling out into the main caves when disturbed…

Shut Your Gobhole
Shut Your Gobhole (1200 dpi)

Instead what we have is a well-established small goblin settlement with guard posts, semi-secret entrances, an honest-to-goodness goblin market, and a number of living areas where goblins assemble when they aren’t hanging out in the goblin market area or at the boss’ cave.

Shut Your Gobhole
Shut Your Gobhole (1200 dpi, no grid)

Confusing to most PCs…

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