Top 10 Sony PlayStation Games

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In 1988, Sony began working with Nintendo to develop a CD-ROM add-on for the upcoming Super Famicom/Super Nintendo. Contract disputes put a sudden end to the arrangement, so Sony decided to enter the console market on their own. Nintendo’s refusal to embrace optical media and Sega’s self-destruction opened the door for Sony to climb to the top of the market. Sony made their platform very inviting to publishers, and major third-parties lined up to support them. Securing the Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest franchises made the PlayStation the console of choice for most Japanese gamers. The PlayStation reshaped the entire industry and became the first console to reach sales of 100 million. With over 2,000 games released for the system, the PlayStation had one of the most well-rounded libraries of any console ever.

  1. Suikoden II (1998)

Suikoden is loosely based on the classic Chinese novel Water Margin in which…

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