Why Difficult Games Need to be Difficult

3rd World Geeks

I have been playing a whole lot of Sekiro lately. I may have gotten the game by mistake but I feel I’m just getting into the right mindset and the groove of the game. It’s a really punishing game and I can’t remember how many times I’ve died already. And not just from the bosses, though! I’ve died from some of the lesser enemies who manage to either catch me off-guard or simply overwhelm me with numbers. Yet I still keep coming back for more!

Yes, Sekiro is a very difficult game and has managed to keep my ego in check. It can be incredibly soul crushing to see all your hard-earned experience drained by half all of a sudden you when you encounter a boss that simply feels too much to overcome. The same can said for all the other games that can prove too daunting, leaving some…

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