OSE Advanced Fantasy Ruins of the Undercity

Dyson's Dodecahedron

As I was sitting down to get ready for my last B/X D&D game of 2021, I was thinking about Old School Essentials… I don’t currently use OSE because I’ve got 40 years of B/X under my belt and I know exactly where to find everything I ever need in those books. So using OSE is a pain in the ass because THINGS AREN’T WHERE THEY SHOULD BE. I can’t just open the Expert rules to the page with the guy with the wyvern logo fighting the gargoyle to find the equipment lists, for instance.

Since there was still an hour before game started… I pulled out the Advanced Fantasy books and Ruins of the Undercity, rolled up a few characters and went exploring beneath Cryptopolis for a bit to try to familiarize myself with the rules placement. I specifically chose the Advanced OSE so I couldn’t just abort to…

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