How Many Wizards?

Grumpy Wizard

When I’m creating a campaign for Swords & Wizardry one of the first steps in my process are to define the groups that exist in the setting. I start with very broad strokes and ideas. In the beginning…there is swirling Chaos that becomes more clear as I make progress.

My process for creating a campaign setting is a little unusual. I make my maps last. A lot of referees recommend that you start with the map. I start by thinking about the major groups or factions in the setting. I then proceed with the most powerful NPCs, most powerful monsters, and who/what are the most powerful forces of Law and Chaos. These will just be concepts written down on a blank note card.

As I get to the moment I need to detail an NPC, the card gets more notes.

“Ancient Dragon”

“Demon Lord of Chaos like Arioch from Elric”

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