The Best Christmas Inspired Levels in Gaming

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Oh, the holidays. A time to get together with friends and loved ones to celebrate the joys of what makes this time special. However, this year, after a lengthy move, I am sitting in my studio apartment alone. But that won’t stop me from celebrating in other ways. If I can’t go out and celebrate, I’ll find some digital celebrations to enjoy instead.

I wanted to find levels that took heavy influence from the Christmas aesthetic in their level design, but levels that also represented the themes of the holiday received some bonus consideration. Now you better watch out because here are the best Christmas levels in gaming.

Fallout 4

Diamond City Christmas Event – Fallout 4

Fallout isn’t known for its traditional holiday celebrations, but Fallout 4 did incorporate a little easter egg for those players looking for a little Christmas cheer during their nuclear winter. The only caveat…

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