Boss Rush Banter: Which Console Dominated 2021?

I think we can all agree that the so-called ‘Console Wars’ is, or should be, a thing of the past. The old saying “a high tide rises all ships” applies here: a good year for Xbox is a good year for gamers overall. Same thing applies to PlayStation and Nintendo. Where it gets old is when people try to diminish someone else’s enjoyment of a system simply because it is not the system they prefer to play on. Those arguments, which can get nasty quick, need to be something we leave in the past. However, there is something to be said for healthy competition; a console having a better year than other ones only breeds more innovation and drive to do better in the next year. Therefore, looking at all of 2021, which console dominated the year?

Looking at Nintendo first, it had a relatively quiet but nevertheless great year…

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Author: DDOCentral

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