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Retro Arcadia

Continuing our regular feature with quick-fire reviews and impressions of what I’ve been playing this week, old and new and a bit of both… And because I’ve been off work this week, it’s a bumper Christmas crop too!

Serious Sam 4 came to Game Pass a couple of weeks ago and it’s all the brilliant mess you could have wished for. None of the finesse of that other big new shooter on there that I finished last week, just smash the hell out of vast swathes of crazy enemies with loads of guns, loads of explosions and loads of gore. There’s not much to it, and what’s there does get repetitive, but it’s fun for most of its duration.

Firewatch was another recent Game Pass addition, and while I’ve always fancied it I think I may have left it a bit too long… It’s mostly well written and cleverly paced…

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